We are the future! We are the ones that shall herald the coming of a new age! We shall usher all uncivilized nations at CN into the era... of the EIC..
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 Welcome, welcome!

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Lord Krum

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PostSubject: Welcome, welcome!   Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:05 pm

Welcome to the Spanish EIC!

I am the Lord of the Spanish East India Company. At the moment, we are a small alliance, and that is our main purpose. Right now, we are all small nations, and none of you truly know much about CN, and I find it my responsibility to teach you all about CN, and what your role in the EIC is..

I won't be discussing the rules and guides in this thread though, I shall be doing that in another sub-forum, which you'll be able to access once you register and are masked as a Private.

The East India Company is a small alliance at the moment, and we look out for our members. I myself was a veteran before in '15 my nation was deleted by me. I came back, and remember alot if not all about how to grow your nation.

We, primarily at the very least, are a raiding alliance. I pick a juicy, unaligned and new target, and we beat the shit out of that nation. Of-course, you are free to pick a target of your own.

Your part in the EIC as soon as you start shall be a "Private". This is the lowest rank in the EIC. Of-course, as soon as you message me about another post, I'll assign it to you Very Happy so don't worry about that, yeah?

Right now, there are three departments I can think of establishing pretty much right away. One is the Recruiting Department, which is pretty much self-explanatory, and the second is the Foreign Affairs Department, which once again, is pretty self-explanatory, and of-course, the Defense Department, which I call the Presidency Army.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Hope to see you soon!
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Welcome, welcome!
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